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Dine at our famous restaurant, Intro Bistro.

First opened at BSD City in Tangerang,

Intro Bistro has since continued to become one of the go to restaurant at both Tangerang and Banjarmasin.

We served local Indonesian and International cuisine prepared fresh by our talented chefs.

With cozy atmosphere and friendly staffs, Intro Bistro is the perfect place to relax, hang out, and satisfy any hunger.

Our exclusive partnership with Piter Tan

(Garuda Mas) guaranteed us the best quality of Papua coffee beans to use.


Prepared by our equally talented barista, our coffee will warmth your heart and satisfies any coffee lovers.



With a large selection of local Indonesian and International cuisine to satisfy your morning hunger, enjoy freshly brewed coffee made using the best Papua coffee beans to complete your morning.


Don’t miss out on our local sweet that can only be found in Banjarmasin.

For booking or more information,
please contact us.
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